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On the Search of meaning

Imagine yourself few years from now,


And maybe the path we're walking is endless
And maybe that's the beauty of it
We don't stop,

Being lost is sometimes a power
As it allows us to wander, and wonder
Of the possibilities

Fall x Submerging

Only Fools Fall

1:44AM Random Post

Have you ever felt like there are so much things going on in your life and you think that you are so busy and preoccupied but deep inside you just feel so empty? I mean like, at the end of the day when things are done and you are alone there is this triggering thought that draws you to the feelings of loneliness. It always happen to me this days. For some reason I feel like something is missing, like something  has been taken away from me. I don't know what it is but i feel like i am longing for something-- i feel so detached to everyone , even to myself. I wake up every morning, l do the things that i usually do- go to work - go home and the same thing over and over again. Am i not happy or I'm just on a some sort of "life phase". Sometimes I just don't know anymore. Sometimes I just want to runaway from everything and just be alone. Do i feel sad? Am I sad? Is there something I'm sad about? I feel so frustrated because i constantly feel sad and lonely and …

Random Post No. 2 -Breakfast-> Oatmeal

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day". Well, it is. 

Real story: I work 8 hours everyday for Five days. I'm at school for 8 hours every Saturdays And all of my schedule starts at 8:00 am.

Breakfast is always compromised because it takes a lot of time to prepare plus you can't really enjoy it since mornings are Mayhem hours.

Good thing Breakfast preping was intoduced to me. Basically, it is preparing your breakfast the night before to save your time in the morning.

Today I made Oatmeal+Avocado+Banana topped with La Trinidad, Benguet's Home Made Strawberry Preserve.  You just have to add Milk/Water/ Almond Milk to the oats place the fruits on top stir it, leave it overnight and just grab it in the morning and there--> a breakfast on the Go! 🚇🚇🚄🚄

Random Thought #1: Mornings and Silhoutte

Good morning! I hope 'yall are having a Good one

3 steps to Get that extra Boost in the morning! You know what they say, Your mood in the morning greatly affects your mood for the entire day!

TIP NUMERO UNO: Aura! Modeling and Posing is a nice way to Get your daily dose of exercise . If you're not one of those who exercise every morning But loves Modeling, this one is for you. Not only it requires you to do Extreme poses (stretching, Jumping, Neck extension), you might actually get an Instagram worthy Picture.

Tip: So you should always picture in Square.

TIP NO. 2: Take your time. Everybody knows that getting off our beds is the most difficult thing to do. Especially now that it's extremely cold. So take your time and try look around your room for some random things that might make your day.

Like my little friend here! He's actually very helpful. He literally made me jump out of bed 😂😂

TIP No. 3 
Lastly, Take a deep breath and try to contemplate on the things …